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Renovated bathroom

Your toilet has a major impact on the amount of water your family uses. Ask us about new water-efficient units that improve your water conservation as well as accessible units for increased safety and convenience.


We will help you with every new fixture or installation needed for your bathroom, including working with you to select the right choices to meet your exact specifications!

Improve the efficiency and safety of your bath

A new tub or shower is one of the easiest ways to add luxury to your home. Look to us for installation, maintenance, and repair of your new toilet, tub, or shower to keep your bathroom comfortable.

Relax and refresh in a new tub or shower

Whether you are in the middle of the remodeling process, or just looking to replace an old sink or bathtub that is well past its prime, you can count on the professionals at Zimco Plumbing to help you get your bathroom back on its feet! Upgrade your bathroom today so can you start enjoying it again in no time!

Installations, repairs, and more!

There's no reason you should continue dealing with a bathroom that is dull, outdated, and inconvenient. Improve your home and boost its value with new features.

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A customized bathroom sink and faucet