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If you have hard water, high acidity, or high iron content, your water is not as healthy as it could be and could have a negative impact on your skin and the cleanliness of your home. Call us for FREE water testing to evaluate your needs and ensure the highest quality treatment. Count on us using only the best equipment to remove harmful bacteria and mineral deposits from your water!

What is the quality of your water?

Our water treatments include ultraviolet lights to remove bacteria, reverse osmosis to remove dissolved solids and nitrates, water softeners, acid neutralizers, and sediment filters.

Improve the quality of your water

If you detect a metallic taste to your water, or a strange odor, do not ignore the problem! From hard water to limescale deposits, count on Zimco Plumbing to detect and treat any problem with the chemical make-up of your water. With the right equipment and experienced staff, we'll make sure you and your family have fresh, clean-tasting water in no time!

Does your water not taste right to you?

Add value to your home, have great tasting water, and reduce your plumbing repair bills.

Let us help you give your family clean, healthy water with our water treatment services


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